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    Ordained Minister available to Officiate your wedding. I perform non-denominational services for those who wish to celebrate this wonderful occasion in a less traditional manner. You determine the basic nature and style you are hoping to achieve. I will provide the legal aspect with suggestions for this very exciting phase of life you are about to embark and it will be done cost effectively. Backyard, beach, woods, or a site that has special meaning to you are some of the venues I encourage you to consider, with just the two of you and your witnesses, or a small gathering of the most cherished souls involved in your life. The mood of the service is your choice.

    In the future, I will be offering a variety of services to make your day easier, provide ways of achieving elegance on a budget, plan a simple but tasteful menu, shop for the decorations, groceries, do other necessities, as well as prepare and set up the venue.


    Officate only:
    * Includes initial interview and ceremony: $150

    Other services will be added in the near future

    Contact me per text at 602-327-8960 or email at blarrain02@gmail.com to discuss details,
    including the date you would like, the setting, and type of ceremony, along with
    contact information

    Reverend Brenda Larrain
    Certified Officiate State of Arizona